Recreating the magic of RD Burman in Vadodara with ‘Phir wohi raat hai’


Few months ago, I was making Ariso, a short docu-film on theatre and Gujarati literature (Which won the Gujarat Literature Award), and it featured Paritosh Goswami as one of the key artists highlighted in the film. His interview began with a classical song.

On showing the first cut of the film, he insisted on editing out the way he began the song, as it was a wrong note. I resisted, asking him, “Well, it’s sounding good and who’s going to notice that 3 second error?” “My audience,” he responded, which was a reason enough to burn some more midnight oil and re-edit the film. The RD Burman show staged last night on 13th May’16 at CC Mehta Auditorium by Kalanidhi explains what audience means to a performer.

Paritosh Goswami, the lead singer, along with Garima Khiste and an interesting debutant singer, Saagar recreated the magic of RD Burman at CC Mehta Auditorium, with the finesse of a maestro. Dhaivat Joshipura hosted the show in his inimitable style with a script sprinkled with RD Burman trivia and some Gujarati jokes.

The song, ‘O Majhi re’ sung by Paritosh Goswami transported one to the scene of the film, Kinaara, where Jeetendra, dressed up as Gulzar saab lip-synced the song to perfection. The live rendition left such impact on the listeners that one could find people humming it in the parking area.


The song, ‘Mehbooba Mehbooba’ from Sholay was yet another highlight of the show, where Saagar enthralled the audience with his RD-Burman-like voice. Far from mimicking the maestro, Saagar added his own style to the rendering, as if a vocal adaptation of RD Burman’s masterpiece.

Garima Khiste’s moment of shining was the ‘Piya tu ab to aaja’. Her unusual style of singing came handy here in this song, making for a wonderful recreation of a timeless classic, not to mention the dog-like ‘ha ha ha’ and ‘Monica O my darling’ addition of Saagar.


In all honesty, apart from Paritosh Goswami, the musicians of JK Music were the real stars of the musical evening. Right from opening instrumental medley, Sholay theme, to the closing ‘Lekar hum deewana dil’, the musicians, especially the drummer, Jayesh Khiste left the audience asking for more.

Well, there was an interesting ‘cameo’ too, by Prakash Kumar (Remember those ‘Prakash Kumar Live at Gandhinagar Gruh’ ads in vernacular papers during childhood?). Seated among the audience, Prakash Kumar, when requested to step on the stage, suddenly transformed into a rockstar with his energetic performance of ‘Dekha na haaye re’. Whistle!


To sum it up, the RD Burman show by Kalanidhi was indeed a musical night to remember. How many live shows can boast of multiple ‘once more’ requests? The show was done as a charity event to fund for disabled kids in Vadodara. This is an initiative that Paritosh Goswami has been actively involved in and has pledged to continuously do so in future.


On a parting note, I would like to thank Paritoshbhai for accepting my request of the ‘Yeh kya hua kaise hua’ song. You’re awesome and now I know why your audience mattered so much for that ‘3-second footage of wrong note’.  RD Burman must be surely smiling somewhere.




2 thoughts on “Recreating the magic of RD Burman in Vadodara with ‘Phir wohi raat hai’

  1. Dear Prakash , I am truly humbled with your kind words of appreciation, I am still learning and striving to do better. Thank you so much for your generous words…


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