Neerja is a flight worth your ticket


It’s not comfortable watching a film where almost everyone in the auditorium is in tears. The ‘sss’ sounds emanating from the sobbing audience segues with the film’s minimal background score. The youngsters could relate to the key character, while the elder ones empathized with the parents. A film like Neerja is a film that can never fail to connect anyone with open eyes and a beating heart.

Sonam Kapoor, the ‘fashionista’ notorious of ruining films, owing to her lack of acting skills (Raanjhana, Khoobsurat, Dolly Ki Doli) and sing-song voice, surprises all and sundry with a performance that convinces you that she was born to play Neerja. The actress owns every frame she is featured in, right from those badly done Rajesh Khanna mannerisms, to the heart-wrenching climax, Sonam Kapoor nails it to the hilt.

If the helpless silences of Yogendra Tiku (Who plays Neerja’s father) move you, Shabana Azmi (Who plays Neerja’s mother) leaves a lasting impact with her compelling speech towards the film’s end. ‘Pushpa, I hate tears’ never made so much sense before. So, fasten your seatbelts folks, with an air hostess like Neerja and a pilot like director Ram Madhvani, you’re surely in for a memorable flight.

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