AIB Knockout: A case of ‘Gaalis for the sake of taalis’


“Badhu uncensored chhe na?” asked a middle-aged kaka to a street-side pirated DVD vendor, while picking up the second-last copy for the ‘infamous’, ‘inglorious’, ‘indecent’, in…what-not AIB Knockout (the last copy was picked by yours truly as I ‘missed out’ on the fun everyone was having while it was online). Yup guys, it’s available on pirated DVDs and is selling like hot cakes or rather forbidden apples.

Frankly speaking, I didn’t like the show much, except in few bits and parts (Don’t ask which). Halt! Am not Aamir-Khanifying it, but genuinely feel that it could have been equally entertaining sans the redundant gaali-galochs. Well, as an ardent Anurag Kashyap fan, I don’t have issues with gaalis, but after a certain point of time, AIB Knockout starts appearing as if few kiddos are having fun spewing cusswords at each other in front of a thrilled 4000-plus audience.

It’s like ‘look I can say this to ‘the’ Karan Johar’. The show is a perfect ensemble of hypocrites that exist in our society, both the performers as well as the viewers, including yours truly – Since I ‘sinned’ by watching and enjoying it, just like I revel in local comedy live show, ‘Comedy Factory’ by this genuinely talented bunch of artists like Manan, Smit, Preeti, Ojas and Aariz.


Manan Desai, a former RJ must be commended for having the guts to quit his job and lay the foundation of Comedy Factory (This sounds like some corporate brochure intro, blame it on occupational hazards of being a copywriter for a decade). I have been a regular audience of their shows and often desperately agreed to settle for the ‘stair wala seat’ if it was a packed house.

Despite their shows being laced with ‘Adult’ jokes – the forbidden fruits, the audience isn’t shocked when their show opens with songs like ‘Baporiyu’ or ‘Chaddi song’, and a lady walks on stage and yells the ‘P’ word (Penis) and asks the audience to repeat it, in an attempt to break the ice.

So, the question of being offended or shocked is simply ruled out. After all, the audience gets enough dose of humour, sprinkled with smart alecks laced with puns, not just ‘gaalis for the sake of taalis’- which was quite evident in the AIB Knockout show. Raghu Ram of Roadies particularly utters an expletive (When does he not?) and concludes: I just gave you million views.

Sadly, it’s quite true when Raghu Ram says that. I remember watching this beautiful film called ‘Ugly’ in a multiplex (With less than a dozen audience) and could hear few girls and guys giggling every time the actors uttered a gaali. It makes me wonder: What’s funny about it? It’s an intense scene, where a guy is venting out his frustration of being trapped into a miserable situation and being blamed by his best friend.

Where was the freaking tinge of humour to laugh at? It reminds of those frontbenchers in school, who were quick to quip with a ‘Shame shame puppy shame shame’ kind of retort every time someone did something wrong. ‘Dekh usne gaali boli…’ ‘Dekh dekh fir se boli’. You get the drift?

AIB Knockout featured two actors and a director who makes family films and makes them mock at each to raise charity funds. Really? Was this the only desperate measure they could stoop to? I use the word ‘stoop’ here simply because actors and directors in our country are idolized. We are convinced to buy that awful smelling hair oil just because a sixty plus veteran assures that it’s a thanda thanda cool cool product. We spend our hard-on oops hard-earned money on films just because a Ranbeer, Ranveer, Karan, Arjun, Deepika endorse them. Youngsters leave their homes after reading an inspiring interview of Anurag Kashyap or Vishal Bhardwaj to make it big in the Indian film industry.

This puts them on the highest pedestal of our society, and there’s where the actual problem lies. Let’s admit it, we literally worship the filmwallas, as much as we hate them. So there’s no denying of the fact that we imitate their hairdos, apparel, attitude, and almost everything. The debate of films resulting into rape and murder is akin to the hen-came-first-or-the-egg argument. So what ensued in form of scathing criticism isn’t something surprising. ‘Yeh to hona hi tha’! It’s quite surprising the AIB guys and celebs didn’t see it coming. Or maybe they did.

Recently, Deepika-the-saint raised the rubble against TOI for that famous cleavage pic. Almost the entire film fraternity and Facebook/Twitter crusaders took her side, defending her to the hilt that how our media exploits ‘poor innocents’ like Deepika Padukone. The same saint was among the audience, laughing at the joke of Ranveer Singh ‘being inside her’. Imagine a journo asking her, “Ma’am how did you feel when Ranveer was inside you?” The newspaper office would have been burned down by her fans and women activists – perhaps at her behest.


Shahrukh Khan takes a safer ‘business’ stand by tweeting: I am not taking a stand yet because I need these people to promote my upcoming movies. If I’d say something in favour then a lot of intellectuals will hate me and if I do otherwise then these guys won’t help me with promotions. ‘Satyamev’ Aamir Khan found it too violent and vulgar, despite producing films like Delhi Belly with the DK Bose song and acting in films with ‘comedy scenes’ on ‘Balaatkaar’ and ‘Stan’, and even going fully monty for a poster to promote his film. Thank you Peter Russell for that honest ‘whiplash’.

Salman Khan sums it up as: The only joke in the AIB Knockout show was that Karan Johar is gay. Ranveer went on to kiss Karan on his lips in front of 4000 people. Shockingly, Karan Johar openly shared his favourite sexual position in presence of his mom – something which isn’t ‘normal’ among our culture. Forget the ‘our culture their culture’ debate, it is basic decency that we’re expecting from our celebrities. Is it too much to ask for?

Now you’d say it was on YouTube. Nobody asked you to watch it. Right sir, but what made that middle-aged kaka at the pirated DVD shop ask for its ‘uncensored’ DVD? Nobody wants to feel left out, be it a Sunny Leone clip going viral (not H1N1) or a phoren-ishtyle comedy show where everyone’s having fun roasting each other. But fun at what expense?


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