Popcornversations: MC Mary Kom v/s PC Mary Kom

The much-awaited film, Mary Kom is finally out and so is the verdict of people and critics alike, where on one end critics have praised the film to the skies, while on the other they’ve called it a strictly average film. Before the film’s release the film was screened for the real Mary Kom i.e. Mangte Chungneijang also known as Magnificent Mary or Mary Kom.

The media reported that Mary Kom was in tears after watching this film. So here’s a fictional account of what must have transpired between the real and the reel Mary Kom while the film is being screened for MC Mary Kom with PC i.e. Priyanka Chopra Mary Kom seated next to her:

mary kom

Mary Kom: Why does the disclaimer say: Based on the true incidents of Mary Kom, why not based on the life of Mary Kom?

Priyanka Chopra: Well, so that our writer Saiwyn Qadras can take ‘few cinematic liberties’…

Mary Kom: I hope they don’t go the Milkha way, where the writer conveniently ignored the Flying Sikh’s wife and focused on Sonam Singh’s irrelevant character with so many songs…

PC: Oh don’t worry about that. We’ve done a fantastic job here, so brace yourself for some great time!

MK: You guys show me running after a guy to beat him and accidentally landing at a boxing training centre… That’s not the way I joined boxing…Where is Dingko Singh, the boxer from Manipur who won Gold at 1998 Asian Games and was also awarded with Padmashree? He was my inspiration and my reason for becoming a boxer…His name isn’t mentioned anywhere in the film?

PC: Well, I told na Ma’am, ‘few cinematic liberties…’ Look at the way I look…wearing a makeup that makes me resemble you…You know I spent so many hours for that perfectly imperfect look…We have a female cinematographer, Keiko Nakahara from Japan on board. The film has been shot so realistically, where she has used only natural lighting throughout. 

MK: Yeah I can see all that…

PC: You know director Omung Kumar brought his expertise of set designing to use with such realistic locations.

MK: Yeah I can see all that…hey hey…what’s that? This isn’t the way I met my husband Onler! I was on my way to New Delhi for Asian Games…He was a student of Delhi University…Hasn’t your writer bothered to go through my biography, ‘Unbreakable’?

PC: ‘Few cinematic…’

MK: Liberties…I can see all that but why does your accent shift so much? Look at the way you speak the line, ‘It’s my opinion sir’ to the Federal Committee head Sharmaji, when you can’t even say the line ‘I love boxing’ properly with a feigning accent of ‘I lub boxing’…

PC: Well Ma’am, it’s the director’s fault or perhaps the Continuity AD…

MK: What is AD?

PC: Glorified spot boy…never mind…look how we have shot those training sequences and even the boxing duels…the coach Narjit Singh’s role is played so well by this new actor called Sunil Thapa!

MK: Yeah I can see all that…quite impressive, but why does he mouths filmy dialogues? Ibomcha Singh, my real life boxing coach never talked like that! Okay leave it, I know what you have to say about it…Hey hey…What’s this? I get married and become pregnant and return to the ring after 8 years and my kids never grow up yet?

PC: We wanted to add the element of vulnerability you know…so that the audience feels pity for your character…they should be able to relate to the way you manage roles of wife, mother, and boxer…

MK: Yeah I can see all that…but isn’t the film about how a person from a completely ignored land like Manipur makes it to the World Championship and carves a niche for herself in the field of boxing? Why exploit personal life just to make the audience root for my character?

PC: I think the writer, director or perhaps the producer Sanjay Leela Bhansali can answer…

MK: That guy whose movies got beaten black and blue till he made Ram Leela, which was more of a Kaam Leela?

PC: Ahem ahem…I did an item number in it too…Okay tell me Ma’am, how do you find my performance?

MK: You’re quite brilliant, there’s no doubt about it. I don’t understand why you Bollywood guys insist on making the film look so raw and real, but when it comes to writing, everything is messed up! I can’t see a Chakh De! India here…where racism was portrayed so well.

PC: But Mary Kom isn’t a film on racism, Ma’am…It’s about how a woman rises back to victory and her husband stands by her through every thick and thin.

MK: Yeah I can see all that, I also loved the actor, Darshan Kumar who plays Onler, but my point is… here’s a film where you had so much scope to explore the harsh realities of what we face in Manipur, and all you do is add a contrived line of ‘Mein Manipur ka hoon isliye cheating karte hai’, which seems as if my character was crying sour grapes after being defeated by a newbie.

PC: We had to create a situation for apology letter Ma’am…

MK: Okay…the training scenes in the second half seem far-fetched…something straight out of some Jackie Chan movie…Why would I be trained this way? The songs are so bland and Bollywoodish!

(An uncomfortable silence ensues)

MK: Now this is too much! Why did you match the timing of my child being ‘resurrected’ to life and my character getting back to her feet for the final duel? You did that before in that scene where my father’s character cheers up in front of a TV and I do a knockout exactly at the same time. I mean, how is it ever possible?

PK: ‘Few cinematic liberties’…

MK: Phew! Cinematic Liberties…

PK: So how did you find the film, Ma’am?

MK: You modified my life so much despite my biography being available, now what do you want me to say? I am in tears…

PC: I am so flattered! (Picks out her cellphone and calls up media): Mary Kom was in tears after watching this film!





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