Ragini MMS-2 is unapologetically erotic  



There was a moment of silence the moment I told my friends that I had watched ‘Ragini MMS 2’. They gave me a look as if I was openly declaring that I watch porn film on big screen. Understandably so, because it features ‘the adult film star’ Sunny Leone. While the first installment of this ‘horr-ex’ series was terrifyingly smart, the sequel is erotically dumb, courtesy: the pornducer Ekta Kapoor and misdirector Bhushan Patel.

The film’s basic premise of Ragini MMS-2 is lifted from films like ‘The Blair Witch Project’, ‘The woman in black’ and the generously from ‘The Conjuring’. One wonders why the ‘possessed’ Sunny Leone mouths the ‘F’ words despite the fact that chetkin i.e. chudail spoke chaste Marathi. I also fail to understand why people would spend 200 bucks to watch Sunny Leone in clothes when they can easily treat their ‘senses’ with her porn clips on cellphone or laptop.  As for her acting skills, she’s as good as Katrina Kaif and Nargis Fakri. So let’s not even get there.

On the flipside, she is way too distracting, especially in the scenes where the chetkin shows up. The audience barely notices the ghost, thanks to her twin assets. Sunny Leone moans, fakes orgasms, goes topless in a song and a shower scene and does everything she has been known for, while the men, except the dull actor playing Sunny’s love interest, are eternally horny and indulge in self-pleasure in two scenes.

Every horror film, right from Ramsay to Ram Gopal Varma have ingredients like love, comedy, sex, heroine waking up in the middle of the night in nighties (Sunny prefers to strut in panties here), silly shock elements like an irritating doorbell or an equally irritating boyfriend who scares the heroine in an attempt of surprising her and most importantly, a Ramu Kaka and a Tantrik Baba. Ragini MMS-2 has Divya Dutta as the ‘intellectual modern tantrik’ who carries a diary with mantras given by some Baba in Varanasi. Too convenient, isn’t it? Sadly, Ekta has gone a step ahead from ‘entertainment, entertainment, entertainment’ to ‘sex, sex, sex.’ To sum it up, Ragini MMS-2 is unapologetically erotic and chooses to focus on Sunny’s neckline rather than storyline.
















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