Ironical aspirations


Kudos to The Times of India for publishing the article, ‘Patel’s Spirit Alien To Modi’ by Kapil Sibal. This article not only offers insights on the political agendas in guise of social welfare, but also brings to the fore a dilemma: To be or not to be part of Modi’s ambitious ‘Statue of Unity’. The phonetic similarity with ‘Statue of Liberty’ makes one wonder whether this project is a ‘retaliation in disguise’ to the rejection of US Visa.

Well, one hopes the reason isn’t as trivial and there must surely be a concrete reason for such ‘ironical’ aspiration, and not a result of ‘mine is bigger than yours’ syndrome. Mr. Sibal brings to our notice that the Tadvi Samaj living around the Sadhu Tekri area does not want construction of the statue at the cost of demolishing existing sites. We hope the media explores the underlying truth and ensures that ‘Unity’ doesn’t cost someone’s home or land.

On second thoughts, the iron to be used in making the ‘world’s tallest’ statue can be utilized to create tools that can repair the ‘world’s smallest’ houses.


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