Linking education to employability: Institutional Capacity Building

In a world where the written word is no longer written, but typed, the keyboard is surely the new pen, Word document the new ink, and Internet the new page. In such scenario, illiteracy equals to inability of catching up with the fast-changing world, as well as earning daily bread and butter. Education not only empowers one to read and write, but also offers plethora opportunities to elevate one’s lifestyle.


As for the government, it has been a never-ending strife of bridging the gap between social equity and generating well-qualified talents.  Hence, it has become imperative for action to triumph over words so that the real change is witnessed and the first step towards a thousand miles is finally taken.  One such step is FICCI’s TURF 2013, which has flagged off today amid much fanfare at New Delhi.

The largest international convention on business of sports, FICCI is a knowledge hub, public-private partnership, broadcasting, Human Resource Development and Institution Capacity Building. The event is all set to witness active participation from 30 leading companies across the globe and over 1500 delegates from Australia, UK, USA, Germany, Iran, Singapore and The Netherlands, to name a few. This year, the theme for TURF 2013 is corporatization of Indian sports.

FICCI, India’s only apex chamber of commerce with a dedicated sports division and full-time experts, FICCI TURF 2013 aims at delving on key issues of the nation, which includes linking education to employability and the importance of institutional capacity building.

As per Population Census of India 2011, the Literacy rate of India has shown as improvement of almost 9 percent. Nevertheless, the fact remains that even among the so-called educated youngsters, the attribute of ‘employability’ yet remains far-fetched. The key reason behind this is a lack of communications, interpersonal and other skills. This need gap has to be addressed, only then can our nation ensure smooth economy and a brighter future.

Any Human Resource Manager worth his/her salt would vouch for the fact that the need for institutional capacity building is as important as basic education. There are multiple graduates around, who resort to do jobs that have no connection with their qualification. Some open their own petty businesses and become street hawkers despite earning diploma or graduation degree.

Now before you spell the ‘luck’ or ‘fate’ words, think about the reason why he/she must have chosen such vocation, which by no means is degrading, but is a sheer waste of educational qualification. Imagine a commerce graduate doing a sweeper’s job, which is a commonplace in metro cities like Mumbai, Delhi and Kolkata.

Had the person gained institutional capacity building training and been guided to leverage his/her skills in the right direction, the person wouldn’t have been cleaning the streets, but driving past them in his/her own vehicle. Wishful thinking, you’d say. You never know what might take place at the FICCI TURF 2013. After all, ignited minds can result into revolutions. Ab Dilli door nahin.

Special Note:

Thanks to <link></link>, India’s first and only paid bloggers network and the online media partner for FICCI’s TURF 2013 for allowing us to be apart of the LIVE Blogging experience.

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