#Shahid is OSM

There were few people in the auditorium. A guy sat next to me carrying a laptop, which perhaps was his ‘backup’ in case the film turned out to be a snore-fest. I was wrong. This was a kind of live update plan on the social network.

It made me wonder how he must be updating his ‘followers’ about his movie-watching experience virtually live. Here’s a series of ‘140 charactered’ updates this geek might have typed while watching the movie, gulping the cola and munching the popcorn:


Watching Hansal Mehta’s #Shahid. High expectations from Rajkumar Yadav after Kai Po Che.  The film opens in a docu-style. Arty stuff!

By subjecting me 2 injustice Lord taught me da importance of fairness. By throwing pain humiliation n torture my way he taught me 2 b strong

The Kashmir scenes seem a bit unclear but I dnt care. F** These torture scenes remind of Zero Dark Thirty! Damn neat. Hats off #Hansal Mehta

I didn’t know KK Menon was there too! This man is OSM! How can he always get it so right? Am craving for more of this monster of an actor!

Am gonna turn off the laptop.  This real-life story of lawyer is gonna b a helluva ride! Producer Anurag Kashyap is every auteur’s messiah!

Fret not guys, am still around! Did I miss smtg? O ya, I love this PYT called Prabhleen Sandhu. The audi is empty, yet I can hear hootings

Oho! Tigmanshu Dhulia bhi hai! I wasn’t expecting that. He plays a corrupt lawyer. Trust me u feel as if you’re in a real lawyer’s cabin.

The ‘get out’ scene of Tigmanshu Dhulia is damn real. Baljinder Kaur (I jst googled the star cast) as Shahid’s mother is pitch perfect.

By this time, I had started losing my cool and was unapologetic about it, by giving this geek and his laptop some ‘threateningly serious’ stares. As a complete movie buff who enjoys catching up almost every latest film (barring the Housefulls, Grand Mastis, Besharams and ‘The aliens are attacking and America is going to save the planet’ kind of Hollywood flicks), I have a rich repertoire of dealing with such spoilsports at multiplexes (I call them Multiterrorists).

Usually, the blank stares, ‘shhhhhh’ or a polite request to shut up work, but this was completely like encounters of the third kind for me, as I have never seen anyone with a laptop being constantly switched on while watching a movie in a multiplex. So I thought of shifting my seat to another seat where I can watch the second half at peace, as such the auditorium was empty. Nevertheless, there was a couple in the corner of the same row, who made hay while the sun didn’t shine. But they weren’t bothering anyone and had been too engrossed in their own business. I still couldn’t stop wondering what this geek must be now typing:

#Shahid second half begins.‘uncle’ next to me shifted his seat. He’ll nvr undstd da thrills of posting reviews live and earning followers lol

The courtroom drama is something never shown on TV. Nope, there are no milords, and high pitched dialogues there. Last seen in Jolly LLB.

Kitni baar bolenge Bail Rejected Bail Rejected. Kabhi to kahenge Granted! This line is smtg I am gonna take home. Resilience personified.

Rajkumar Yadav has infused life into the character of Shahid Azmi. Be it courtroom scenes or convincing his wife to wear a Burqa. Neat.

Mohammed Zeeshan Ayyub as Arif Azmi, bro of Shahid makes his presence felt with his role. Hope he’s not typecast especially after Raanjhana.

Writers @Sameer Gautam Singh, @Apurva Asrani, and @Hansal Mehta take a bow, purely for the ‘accusation’ wala courtroom scene b4 da climax.

This film has moved me to the core. Go ahead n watch it. 5-stars by me. I am watching again, this time without my lappie. #Shahid is OSM!


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