An ode to ‘Ship of Theseus’

‘Ship of Theseus’ isn’t a movie. It’s a visual poetry. It’s a flowing philosophy. Heck, it’s your inner voice. It’s a kind of experience which you stumble upon perhaps once in a lifetime. An experience that changes the way you perceive the world around you and makes you ponder over questions left unanswered.

I used to quote actor Naseeruddin Shah by saying, ‘Films can never change the world. All it can change is the hairstyle’. Director Anand Gandhi proves Mr. Shah wrong, for ‘Ship of Theseus’ compels one to think, rethink and reaffirm his belief in the power of cinema. While the Kashyaps, Nairs, Bannerjees and Motwanes were musing on it, this man and his team just did it – revolutionize Indian cinema.

A single description of a particular scene would be a spoiler. A single potion of its hidden nuggets will be a blatant give-away. A review would be an unforgivable sin. A rating will be criminal.

So here’s an ode to ‘Ship of Theseus’:

ship of theseus


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