Ghanchakkar: The joke is on you

First things first. Ghanchakkar is a camouflaged title for the C-word repeatedly mouthed and hypocritically beeped all through the movie, Ghanchakkar directed by Raj Kumar Gupta. Well, it doesn’t end here. There’s another ‘C’ word i.e. condom which is beeped out, despite the film being U/A rated. Does the Censor Board really have to do that, especially in an age where every chocolate and deodorant ad is akin to condom ads are broadcast during prime time on TV channels.

ImageWhile we’re at it, what about those sexual innuendos that Vidya Balloon oops Balan’s character, Neetu gleefully indulges in? (Of late, she appears more a porn star than Sunny Leone). Furthermore, the camera shamelessly gazes at her bosom while Sanju is frantically looking for the contraceptives in his drawers (no pun intended).

The opening song, ‘Lazy Lad’ mentions the character of Emraan Hashmi, Sanju watching Plasma TV all day. A revelation: The guy never owns a Plasma TV in the entire film but is glued to a regular CRT screen. The film is about a bank robbery booty which is hidden and forgotten by Sanju, literally, much to the chagrin of his other two partners in crime i.e. Pandit (Rajesh Sharma) and Idrees (Namit Das) with the done to death query: Paise kahan hai?

The film gets you hooked with its unusual plot in the first half, but wanders aimlessly post interval. Neetu, the character Vidya Balan plays is a garrulous housewife with a penchant for dressing up like a ‘diva having bad hair day’ during the daytime and a porn star during the night (was she reading fashion magazines or porn mags?) Rajesh Sharma and Namit Das prove to be the saving grace in the film. The ‘underwear’ scene of Namit Das appears too exaggerated, but who cares when the entire film is exaggerated in every sense.

This ‘fashion angle’ of Neetu’s character has no connection to the story and ends up as a mere ‘decoration’ to add some salt in an otherwise bland concoction (just like the ‘fried rice’ she cooks – a joke repeatedly thrown at us). Furthermore, the moment Sanju i.e. Emraan Hashmi is released after being kidnapped, Neetu shakes her booty at Sanju instead of prodding him to look for the hidden booty.

In fact, whenever the director and scriptwriter are stuck up with the screenplay, they resort to the ‘paise kahan hai?’ query, ‘Hainn?’ expression of Vidya Balan followed by some fashion disaster experiments. It makes one wish the writer had taken a leaf from the ‘Hangover series’ to make the film engaging post interval. You wonder why the filmmaker didn’t choose to make a short film with such hare-brained script.

By the time you are forcefully dragged to the elusive answer to the ‘paise kahan hai?’ question, you end up feeling cheated. To sum it up, one thing is for sure: Once you reach home after watching this film, you are sure to find a ‘Ghanchakkar’ in the mirror.


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