Vadodara’s Nirbhaya for animals

Few days ago, a woman called Pushpaben staying at Arunachal society, Subhanpura Road, filed a police complaint against a man who hit a stray dog with an iron rod. The attack was so severe that the dog’s jaw got fractured. When she went to file a complaint against him at Gorwa Police Station, the cops refused to register the FIR.

Not someone to give up that easily, she went ahead and called up Maneka Gandhi’s office in Delhi and even sent a FAX in a bid to seek her help. Surprisingly, she responded and ensured that the police ‘did their jobs’.

 Thankfully, the dog is out of danger and is being treated by a veterinary doctor. Let’s hope the man who committed such horrendous act gets punished so that others learn a lesson from this incident and would think twice before hitting animals. I really don’t understand what gives us the right to harm stray animals and where the hell are speed-breakers?

Almost every week I notice a stray dog being run down by vehicles on the roadside. Perhaps few speed-breakers can help us in keeping our speed in check.  I request you to spread the word and if possible, feed the stray animals so that they don’t wander around the roadside for food. And yes, there’s something called ‘brakes’ in your vehicle. Please use it for animals. Kudos to Pushpaben, she is indeed Vadodara’s Nirbhaya who unfortunately went unnoticed by our angrezi media, social network and candle crusaders. 


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