Makkhi is the new Rajnikant

India desperately needed a superhero to entertain us and finally finds it in the form of a housefly – Makkhi. There’s a scene in this Hindi dubbed version of Telugu film ‘Eega’, where the ‘superfly’ sits on the television playing a Rajnikant scene – making it loud and clear that the superhero of India (after Rajnikant, of course) has finally arrived.

“Naagin badla le sakti hai to kya doosre jaanwar jaise pakshi, keede vagairah badlaa le sakte hain? Asks Kannada actor Sudeep (fondly called Kiccha Sudeep) to his henchmen, after being profusely bugged by the makkhi. Sudeep plays the antagonist to comic-book perfection. Actor Nani plays the lover of Bindu played by Samantha Ruth Prabhu, who is killed by Sudeep, a skirt-chasing industrialist who has an eye for Bindu. Bindu’s lover is reborn as a fly to seek his revenge.

The real hero of Makkhi is its writing by SS Rajamouli and Janardhan Maharshi. The film gives all those Karzs, Karan Arjuns, Naagins, Naginaas, and Om Shanti Oms a run for their money with a rebirth drama that breaks the clutter and packs a punch in its each scene. The camerawork is an outstanding example of creativity. MM Kreem’s music doesn’t hit the right notes, and sound lost in translation. But music was never the reason one stepped into the auditorium to watch Makkhi.

The film showcases umpteen examples of sheer ingenuity – right from the time the superfly makes an entry till the scene, the way it causes a traffic jam and leads to a fatal road accident, the resilience demonstrated by it to seek revenge, till where the film’s fag end, where our superfly announces his comeback. Bring it on, director SS Rajamouli, we’re already waiting. To sum it up, Makkhi offers what the Krishhs and RA1s couldn’t – (Entertainment) 3.


One thought on “Makkhi is the new Rajnikant

  1. Hi,

    I read your review about makkhi,as it is Eega in Telgu, i watched that..when it got released
    it is really a Super heroic performance,, want to share something i remember which was told by Rajmouli in an interview,
    the eega which had covered entire face with eyes it was difficult for them to show the facial expressions,when he was writing it he always thought about it..
    hats off to the creativity..
    and once again i saw “ur re-VIEW”


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