300-Word Review

A new series in movie reviews, ‘3oo-Word Review’ sums up everything you wish to know about latest movie releases in 300 words and yes, no stars (It would be a blasphemy as we have the Masands, Chopras, Sens, and Eberts to do that).

So get your weekly dose of – Is the film’s music enjoyable or ‘loo visit’able, which actor really stands out and who sleepwalks,  Is the camerawork seductive or ‘headache’tive’, is the editing slick or sick, does the story have ‘dum’ or is it ‘paani-kum’?, is it an eye-opener or an eyesore? Does the director deliver or is it a miscarriage?

Every experience about the film in 300 words, minus the screenplays, spoilers, ratings, and of course, the answer to the oft-repeated question ‘should I watch it or not’- because that’s something for you to figure out.

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