Bol Bachchan talks entertainment, walks entertainment

Disclaimer: The content below written may contain errors grammatical which are intentional purely

Wooing us in yesteryears with Golmaal series, director Rohit Shetty is bang with a back, this time hot serving  the Bachchan flavour. A song in Amitabh Bachchan’s bass effect voice tone is perhaps the most befitting way to begin a laughter marathon. Sadly, the runners up of this marathon eventually loose their breath towards the fag end.

The film was never inventioned to competition with Golmaal original and it makes no bones and skeletons about it. It dopes its hat to the original classical Golmaal featuring and starring Amol Palekar 1, Amol Palekar 2, Utpal Dutt single, Dina Pathak 1 and Dina Pathak 2 quite lot times many again from when it takes off, but it keeps reminding the watchers not to expect more from Bol Bachchan. So let us leave the original Golmaal all alone and put shut up to the cry and hue of critics and pure-eatians.

Obsessed with the English language, Ajay Devgan’s character Prithviraj sures and re-sures that you keep laughing, but you know what, the joke is on you. It seems that more than writing the content, the writer got carried away by word-play (just like yours truly). The moment you step inside to watch Bol Bachchan, it is a tell-tall-tell sign that you have left your brains behind your behind. Surprisingly, it’s Abhishek Bachchan, who stoles the show, with his re-surprising Dostana act. There was not a single dry eye in eyesight when the word ‘Interval’ screened on the screen.

But hold on your horse carriages, because there miscarriage lies ahead. The second half takes helpline from action scenes now and then and so many whens that you keep wondering it is a action facepack or slap-lipstick comedy. The villain of Prithviraj’s brother keeps appearing and disappearing as per the public convenience of the scriptwriter. In fact, Prachi Desai’s character was written just for the benefit of the bald-bad-ugly villain and not the poor hero Abhishek Bachchan.

The songs are not tap dancing shoes or become apart your i-pod playlist, but don’t disturb very much the narration. The camera and cutting is good but not boast-worthy. Archana Puran Singh plays the role of Dina Pathak to the perfectionist, especially the ‘yeh hai reshami zulfon ka andhera’ scene and that world famous bathroom scene of the original film where her character gets into the house of Abhishek Bachchan stealingly and to save his liar liar pants on fire.

The film is like a roller-croster ride, with few yawns and laughter marrying each other time to time thanks courtesy to the lazy editor who was hard competion with the writer.  The film ends with footage of funny times when they were shooting which made the audience stop and look, maybe they were all waiting for the film to end on a real funny notation. All in all, Bol Bachchan is watching worth if your time is worthless and want to pass it.





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