Feedback on ‘Baker’s Dozen – a brew of short stories’

“Few books that you cherish for it been gifted by the author. Thanks Prakash Gowda. A wonderful compilation of short stories that you relate to. Worth a read.
I was reading your story, ‘Three Desires One Destiny’ and I actually got a nightmare that night!”
– Vidya Janakira Manan
Prakash Gowda’s Baker’s Dozen is a wonderfully penned book that touches you deep within. Each story holds a different India into it, making you feel a part of each story from Start to End. We are in the centenary year of Film Industry and we are either Ripping off Hollywood Movies or Remaking Films from South Just for the mere intention of money making, unaware of the fact that we have wonderful writers like Prakash Gowda whose ‘Dozen stories at a Price of One Movie Ticket’ make you a part of experience that films worth crores of budget can’t give you… “Baker’s Dozen” is a book that needs to be a part of every passionate reader’s shelf!
– Geet Sharma, Editor, Filmmaker (winner of Chalchitra 2012)


“Prakash Gowda’s fertile imagination produces stories that engross and startle.”

– Rani Dharker, Author, Theatre Person, Academician


“Your Baker’s Dozen is extremely brilliant.  Continue your career as a writer passionately. May God bless you dear.”

– Irrfan Khan, Actor


“The only predictable thing about Prakash Gowda’s stories is that they are unpredictable.”

“Three Desires, One Destiny gave me nightmares. Big B & Me brought tears, ‘The Veil’ shocked me. Each story was different and remarkable.”

– Uttara Jagannath


“Loved your book. Started reading it last night and finished today. Loved ‘Three Desires, One Destiny’,  and ‘The End’. But I connected most with

‘I love you* Conditions apply’. Hoping to read another book by you soon.”

– Khyati Gulati


“Loved reading your book. So when are you writing the next? You give your readers reasons to wait for the next.”

– Lubhita Shekhawat


“Haven’t read it yet, but my dad happened to read Baker’s Dozen and he has sent a message for you that it’s a brilliantly written book!”

– Karishma Bhaya


“Finaly read ur whole buk…must say brilliant job..hats off! Actually i’ve bcum a fan of ur imagination n humour..You’ll soon get 2 more fans coz mom n dad both r readin it”

– Devika Jagannath


“The book was amazing…it grows as u read…i really liked the start (The devil’s share), cause it grips u to go on reading till the book is not done…overall wonderfully written… waiting for ur second book Prakash :)”

– Niriksha Nik


” I feel as if i watched 13 films for a price of a multiplex ticket”

“All the stories are super sir! incredible imaginations and each seemed to prick me abt the social and ethical theme the tale carried. ‘The Veil’,’Neer’ and ‘Three desires, One destiny’ are my personal favorites. They were the only ones which were not so tragic in their conclusion. i saw a pattern throughout the stories of an end that puts a full stop to any propose-able further events that the reader can think of at the end, which i was trying to avoid in my concepts since 2 yrs when i began writing.

All the tales are good at thought provoking sir, but they give a good glimpse of the “problem” with compromising along with them as the only solution left by the plot. this is the only thing that i was expecting in each tale but got it only in the above mentioned 3. may be it’s the way i think..

‘Vande Maataram’ is another awesome tale that kept me wondering if there was any side i can take among the characters, confirming the law about “the existence of pros and cons in every decision”.

‘I love you* Conditions apply’ is also good till the last drop. i think you were emphasizing the necessity of content living and self-love.

‘Lallan ‘Leader’ implied the dark life cycle of innocence of morcha followers. was very realistic.

‘The Altruist’ invoked a hope of some warmheartedness left in the most smugglers. it gave a feeling of time-ticking off throughout the plot.

The rest were understood but didn’t keep up the suspense or may be i’m not patient enough due to my young age for such themes. This is my frank feedback about your book sir 🙂 hope it helps…all the best for your further creations.”

– Paul Rozario


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