Who let the dogs out?

Recently, a man tied a stray dog and gunned it down atAlkapuri Road, Vadodara in the dead of the night. A guy poured acid over a stray dog’s face simply because it was bugging him. The dog lives a lonely life incarcerated at VSPCA, a shelter for stray dogs at Chapad village, Vadodara.

Cars running down stray dogs are a common sight. So common that we conveniently walk past dead corpses without bothering whether anybody must have informed the Vadodara Municipal Corporation about the accident. All we complain about is the intolerable odor of sloshed limbs and smashed head.

A group from my society walked all the way to the office of Vadodara Municipal Corporation and complained about the stray dogs in the vicinity. According to them, the stray dogs not only rob them of their ‘important’ slumber, but also pose threat to their kids, despite the fact that no stray dog has ever bitten them.

When the Vadodara Municipal Corporation didn’t respond or maybe adjourned their action, this battalion decided to poison their food. On being questioned, they coyly denied of harbouring any such noble intentions of securing their child’s future.

Just the day after Uttarayan (Kite Festival), I went for a walk at a nearby park and was amazed to find chopped wings and legs of pigeons scattered all around the pathway. While cycling my way home, I realised that even the main roads had pigeon’s legs still entangled in the mighty maanjaas and stray dogs relishing them.

Since decades, our home has been a sort of vet clinic for stray animals. Almost every week, we find a stray dog limping towards our gate, sure of the fact that it will get healed here. We know who the usual suspects are, but all we can do is warn them – a caveat so hollow that hardly gets registered in their minds. The very sight of a stray dog consuming food in our neighbourhood makes me cringe with fear that their plan just might get ‘executed’.

There’s no law that prohibits them against hitting a stray dog with a stick, pelting stones in their eyes, teaching their kids to kick them in the gut while walking. Even if there was any such law, would a police station ever register a case of a man throwing acid on a stray dog or running down a cat on the road? Is peaceful coexistence between man and animal so colossal a task? Well, peaceful coexistence has always been difficult for us.

The newspapers will surely report it somewhere in their right column about a dog being gunned down. The news will vanish the next day and nobody would bother to trace the culprit. The dog is dead anyway, so why not the news? After all, it’s just the headline that matters, isn’t it?


7 thoughts on “Who let the dogs out?

  1. Written with feeling. It makes me happy that there are people around who care about stray animals and help them. Incidentally, if the dog is at VSPCA it won’t be lonely. There are permanent residents there (four-legged) who roam about freely in the huge compound, are well fed and happy. Come and have a look!


    1. Thanks for the response. My sister is actively involved into doing her bit for stray dogs and she recently visited VSPCA. It’s right, the dogs really seem happy there. Hope they maintain it that way. But again, the responsibility is on us to help such organisations do well.


  2. It is so sad to see how most of us treat animals in this country. what is so ironical is that indians love to worship animals – all types, but only in action.. ganpati who is an elephant is so revered, but see how cruelly we treat elephants, cows are held up to be the most sacred animal yet the very hindus who proudly boast of this claim are the same people who will not even lift a finger to help an injured or sick cow. and to top it all, they wear leather that is made from killing cows! and then they lecture non-vegetarians for eating meat. it is sick and i am really disgusted with the hypocrisy in this country. thank you and your family for the good work you are doing. i have tried helping stray animals since i was a child and i know the kind of abuse one faces from people in general. keep the faith


    1. Thanks for the response. To increase awareness on this issue, am soon making a short docu-film and meeting many such people who’re doing their bit for this cause. Let’s hope for the best 🙂


      Prakash Gowda


  3. Very Nicely written article! I will say.. you wrote out your heart!
    Its really nice to know that if there are people that are hitting such stray animals, then there are people like you and me who think for them!
    I would really like to thank you for such a beautiful article..
    Thanks for helping out spreading awareness in people, how difficult it is for all those poor animals, who have to live a difficult life just because of some of our stupid actions!

    Lovely Article!
    Sincere Thanks for this one! 🙂


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