Stolen glances

I saw a face.
A face, drenched in the morning light,
A light that descended from the rising sun,

Sun, that blessed her with its golden rays,
Rays, as fresh as the dewdrops,

Dewdrops, sparkling on the grass blades, wished,
Wished they, too, had shined as bright as her eyes,

Eyes, that glistened amid the sheen on her face,
Face, bedecked with a jewel of innocence,

Innocence, enshrined in the temple of her face,
A face, I saw just for a single moment,

Moment, I wished, had stopped for eternity,
An eternity, that lasted for a nick of time,

Time, until I turned my eyes away,
Away, from basking in the radiance of her beauty,

Beauty, that sated my eyes,
Eyes that never looked back to her for a second gaze,

Gaze, that might have sullied its pristine glory,
Glory of her divine face,

A face kissed,
Kissed by the sun’s first light.


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