A passion swings, a desire clings
To the heart that finds wings;

Exploring a sultry world of ecstasy,
Soaring to an endless flight of fantasy;

As I watch you lying in bed like a dream,
Covered with nothing, just a moonbeam

We lie uncovered in each other’s arms,
Pecking fruits of each other’s charms;

Our heated skin blush in a blazing fervor,
Melting in each other’s arms like forever.

We chase the desire, and kindle the fire,
With the nectar of our pouting lips,
Locked into each other as if two entwined clips,

Until we drink them to the rim of each other
Till it could no longer hold our passions any further.

And I reach out for those tender breasts,
To the paradise, where an angel rests;

Your navel asks me to do the same,
And soon, we start playing the forbidden game.

I stiffen with passion,
You melt with obsession;

We keep killing distances between our souls,
Our bodies become deterrents to our own souls.

Pushing them into each other,
Our bodies quiver, and shudder;

Until I enter the realm of your body,
You look at me,
Smiling with the naked stars and moon above,
Staring stealthily, watching us make love.

You feel a bit of me inside you,
As if it was my whole;
Feeling my body in you,
As if it was my soul.

Until my seeds of life pour into your womb,
We give up, surrender, and succumb

To the weariness of a divine bliss,
And thank each other with a honeyed kiss.

Until the sated night lulls us to a deep slumber,
With a caravan of dreams to remember;

We wake up, alarmed – to an eccentric din,
What we called an eternal bliss:

The world calls it a dreadful sin!


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