“S” – The dilemma

As you made love to me with a passionate kiss,
Making us melt in each others’ arms in an eternal bliss,
We woke up alarmed to an eccentric din,

What we called eternal bliss,
The world called it a dreadful sin!

Soon your seeds in me
Made the sin to became a boon,
And in your eyes, I saw a new gleam of the moon.

The mirror smiled, my apparel grinned at me,
As the breeze hummed a new song for me,
Caressing the new life within me.

But a dilemma shrouded us,
As it lacked people’s sanctity,
And shall bring us big ignominy.

We are afraid, but aren’t giving up
As we could neither keep, nor bring it up,

Let the contraception pill
Kill it.
If it still survives, let the surgeon’s knife,
Abort its life.

If it still survives in our memories, let a psychiatrist’s advice
Slaughter it.
And then it’ll be just another day for us;

Killing the darkness of guilt and fear,
Making us come close, come near,

The night is just kissed by the dusk,
My bosom blooms with your scent of musk,

A passion swings,
A desire clings,
To the heart that finds new wings,

You stiffen with passion,
I melt with obsession,
Come close, let’s go on this way together,
For I am ready for yet another murder.


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