Rockstar: The dichotomy of fame

“Galat aur sahi ke paar, ek maidan hai. Main wahaan milunga tujhe” – promises the protagonist, Janardhan Jharkad, rechristened as Jordanby Heer, his lady love. The immortal line by Sufi poet Rumi finds resonance in almost every frame of ‘Rockstar’. Each time Heer andJordanmeet, the lines between right and wrong seem to blur. “Yeh hamaari duniya hai,” exclaims Heer to Jordan, under a white sheet. While watching the scene, you know what she actually means, making rest of the dialogues sound redundant.

Jordan embarks upon discovering true love and the pain in bargain – something what he had set forth. Heer gets married and is settled inPrague. Destiny unites them, fate separates them and love immortalizes them. “Karde mujhe, mujhse hi riha. Ab mujhko bhi ho, deedaar mera” pleadsJordanto the almighty in the song, ‘Kun faya kun (which means ‘Be, and it is’ in Arabic) – is one among the many ‘goosebump inducing moments’ of the film.

Unarguably, AR Rahman’s music is the real Rockstar of the film. Ranbeer Kapoor gives performance of a lifetime, emerging as a savior who’d salvage us from the ‘Khan epidemic’ across the nation. Nargis Fakhri royally ruins many an important scenes of the film, making you wish Geet (Kareena Kapoor) of Jab We Met would just spring out and make up for the weak performance.

The non-linear narration and slow pace of the film might disappoint many, who must surely be expecting a ‘Rock On 2.0’. In fact, music is a metaphor of the film and the genre happens to be rock. Rockstar is neither a film on rock music nor a fictitious biopic of a desi Jim Morrison. It’s a love story that director Imtiaz Ali gently whispers to your soul while AR Rahman strews honey in your ears and Ranbeer Kapoor tugs the heartstrings.

The song ‘Jo bhi mein kehna chahu’ has a line which goes, “Tu bhi main bhi sabhi hai sheeshe, khud hi ko hum sabhi main dekhein”, which means we are all mirrors and watch ourselves in each other. Rockstar is such mirror. Go and see how beautiful you look.


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