Ragini MMS: Love Scare aur Dhokha

Ragini MMS must be the only film where the moment you witness the characters getting intimate, you’d be tempted to gaze towards other side of the screen. Not because they are sleazy, but to check what our ‘drear’ ghost is up to.

If Kainaz Motivala lights up the screen with her innocent charms and glowing skin, Raj Kumar Yadav makes you chuckle with his cuss words. Needless to say, the lead actors are first rate. Tribhuvan Babu, the cinematographer paints a real-life canvas. We agree with Uday when he calls up the fixer and exclaims, “Panditji ‘Big Boss’ bana rahe ho kya?”

Pooja Ladha Surti edits the film with restraint, but seems to get carried away during the scene, which is shown in jump cuts when Uday is tormented by the Marathi speaking spirit. If we are watching raw footages of Ragini then why is this scene slickly edited?

The film has no scope of songs, except a few leitmotifs here and there by Bhappi Lahiri. Jitendra Chaudhary does a neat job in sound, but one wishes he would have used silences smartly as well. After all, music is about pauses between orchestrated sounds isn’t it

Pawan Kripalani and Vaspar Dandiwala pen the story with ink borrowed from Paranormal Activity, Love Sex aur Dhokha, and Blairwitch Project. Pawan Kripalani wields the director’s mic with confidence, so much so that during the climax, we can barely see anything on screen except flickering lights running amok, but are hooked nevertheless.


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