It’s different!

It’s different – is what they proclaim,
Yet they all are the same.
And you find just yourself to blame,
Welcome to the advertising game.

In this world, impossible is nothing,
And money can’t buy everything;

Dreams are locked in the world’s local bank,
Fear of loss is imposed at point blank.

Your potential becomes their passion,
Your need becomes their fashion;

The jingles scream, sing, and croon,
Going over the top, promising you moon;

They profess – Just do it,
And you confess – I’m lovin’ it!

They bet you just can’t beat the treat,
And you line up for a cozy seat.

They connect people, come winter, summer or rain,
And you start loving to miss your last train.

In the name of 360 degree approach, they do stalking,
As you let your fingers do the walking.

There’s so much to hear, but nobody to listen,
Each product is an experiment, each deal a lesson.

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