‘Bol’ leaves you speechless

“Agar maarna gunaah hai to paida karna gunaah kyu nahi?” – is a question that will linger on your mind for a long time after watching the film, ‘Bol’. Director Shoaib Mansoor seems to be a man on a mission, employing his filmmaking skills to eradicate misconceptions about Islam. If Khuda Ke Liye was about music v/s Islam, ‘Bol’ is about contraception v/s Islam.

Producing more children than one could afford is a burning issue not only inPakistan, but alsoIndia. It’s an issue that most people brush under the carpet, reasoning that Islam doesn’t allow contraception. Agreed, the Holy Qur’an doesn’t permit abortion (which religion does?), but it doesn’t stop anyone to avoid begetting a child, by practicing coitus interruptus or using contraceptive methods. The film ‘Bol’ explores the journey of a woman’s (Humaima Khan) rebellion against her father, who impregnates his wife every year, increasing the number of mouths he couldn’t afford to feed with his meager income.

Once Hakeem (Manzar Sehbai) sheepishly says to his wife, “Tum khaana itna lazeez banaati ho ke sabke liye kam pad jaata hain,’ while the bevy of daughters eat in silence. Laced with power-packed performance, ‘Bol’ adopts a slow-paced, but engaging narrative replete with twists and turns, of a eunuch family member, daughter falling for a musician (Atif Aslam), Hakeem’s pact with a brothel owner, and much more in the offing. ‘Bol’ reflects on unquestioned beliefs, and you walk out concluding that there are mirrors on other side of the border.

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